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School sales in Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura county

Profitable Preschool in Ventura County  Current

This 80+ capacity preschool in a growing area of Ventura County has a semi-absentee owner, making this business ideal for an owner of multiple schools or for a director looking to purchase her first school. The facility is located near both residential and commercial properties, on an over sized lot. The building has large, well equipped classrooms, as well as 2 separate play grounds. The rent is quite reasonable at less than $6,000 per month. Current enrollment is approximately 65, which provides a very good profit, but which still gives room to add more children and increased income. The price is $550,000 with a down payment of $140,000. The seller will carry the loan for a qualified buyer.

Large Preschool Building for Sale  Current

This approx. 10,000 square foot building is located in South West Riverside County, off of the 15 freeway and near the Murrieta/Temecula/North San Diego County area. It was built as a school, is relatively new, and is in very good condition. The building, located on a large lot of over one acre, has an anticipated capacity of 160-170 students. This is a great opportunity for an existing preschool owner to expand operations into a highly desirable area. The price is $3,200,000.00

Profitable Preschool - East San Fernando Valley   Current

Located in the East San Fernando Valley, close to the North Hollywood/Van Nuys area, this 35 capacity preschool is ideal for a first time owner. The school is effectively full and profitable. There is currently a hired director on site, allowing semi-absentee ownership, or a new owner can increase profitability by taking that position. The school is situated in a residential neighborhood, on a large lot with trees and grass play areas. Its location gives good visibility while maintaining a home-like atmosphere. The lease rate is excellent at under $4000 per month. The selling price is $350,000 with $135,000 down, and the seller will carry the loan.

Profitable West San Fernando Valley Preschool  In Escrow

This long established preschool, located in the West San Fernando Valley, has great visibility, but with a totally private, secure yard area giving a sense of a home environment in a commercial center. The school has a capacity of 80 and is currently about 85% full. The school has a long term director on staff, making this an opportunity for either an absentee owner or an owner/operator. Already generating a good income with the director, an owner/operator could increase profitability. The building is well laid out, with large, spacious rooms and lots of natural light. The playground offers multiple surfaces, trees and flowers, and varied play structures and age appropriate equipment. There is a long term lease on the school with a very reasonable market rent of $8500 a month. The long term lease (10/5) gives a great sense of security. There is also an option to purchase the property in 5 years. The price for the business is $600,000 with a down payment of $350,000. The seller will carry the loan at 6% for 15 years.

Large Preschool with property - Northern San Bernardino area  Current

This large preschool business, licensed for over 100 children, is available with the real property. The building is approximately 8500 square feet on a commercially zoned lot of approximately 54,000 square feet. The facility has its own parking lot, separate play areas for various age groups, and available space in the existing building to add to the 100+ current capacity. Current enrollment at the facility is about 85. Adding an infant or toddler program could probably increase the enrollment quickly, since there is generally a large demand for programs of that age group. The facility does have a school age program. The vans used for transportation are included in the selling price. The total price, for both business and real property, is $1,400,000. The down payment which a bank will probably require is about $350,000. After debt payments on the loan, the business generates a very good income. Excellent opportunity for an owner operator or a semi-absentee owner.

Long Established Ventura County Preschool  Current

This 50 child preschool/Kindergarten is located in a highly desirable area of Ventura County, with great demographics. The school has been there for a long time, is well known, and has a great representation. The play yard is quite attractive, with trees and a multitude of diverse play areas and equipment. The facility is free standing and has its own parking lot. The classrooms are well equipped and the educational program there is well established. Because this school has a semi-absentee owner, and a long term director, it is appropriate for semi-absentee ownership or for a full time owner/operator. The owner will be available to train and help in the transition. The school is running with about 45-47 full and part time students, and is profitable with that enrollment. However, the effective is approximately 34, full time enrollment due to a number of part time students, so there is still room to increase. The lease has a 15 year term and is reasonably priced, with no increases for the first 8 years and CPI thereafter. The price is $400,000 with a down payment of $150,000. The seller will carry the loan at 6% for 18 years.

Lancaster/Palmdale area preschool  Current

This long established preschool has a capacity of 53 students. It is profitable even with 33 enrolled, but has room to increase the income by adding an additional 20 students. The lease is long term, with 15 years remaining, and at a market competitive rate of $5200 per month. The owner/director draws a salary of $35,000 in addition to the profits from the business. The price is $260,000 with $110,000 down payment. The owner will carry the balance of the price

Large Preschool Facility for Lease  Current

This free standing building is located in South West Riverside County, off the 15 Freeway and near the Murietta/Temecula/North San Diego County area. The building, approx. 10,000+ square feet, is situated on a lot of approximately 1.16 acre. The anticipated capacity is 160 to 170 students, depending upon age groups tenant intends to serve. The layout lends itself to various combinations of licensed components and could accommodate infant, preschool and school age children. The rent is triple net with a range of $2.00 per square foot. Please call Joanne Weber, The Ryan Craig Company for additional information (1-818-760-3644).

Preschool Facility for Lease - Northern San Diego County  Current

This empty preschool building is a wonderful opportunity for a current school owner or an experienced director to begin and develop a preschool. Located in San Diego County, north east of San Diego and west of Oceanside/Carlsbad, this preschool facility has a capacity of 100+ children. The building is attractive and well kept, with spacious classrooms and large windows, providing lots of natural light. The playground is nicely laid out, with multiple surfaces. The landlord will give a long term 10 year lease, making this a secure investment. The lease rate is $7000 per month, with all utilities included. Since the preschool building is currently vacant, the Landlord will offer some rent concessions for the first few months.

Profitable Santa Clarita Valley Preschool  SOLD

Located in the rapidly growing area of Santa Clarita Valley, this profitable preschool has a capacity of 50+ and is effectively fully enrolled. The school has good visibility and is close to both residential and commercial properties. The free-standing building has easy access, its own parking lot, and a well-equipped playground. The classrooms are well laid out and loaded with materials. The development program and multiple extracurricular activities make this school quite impressive to parents, while offering the children a positive learning environment. The lease is good, with a very competitive rate of $4,100 per month and is long term. Currently the school is owner-operated but has several staff members with the potential to assume a Director role. The selling price is $500,000 with $175,000 down. The seller, who is retiring, will carry the loan at 6% for 10 years. This is an excellent opportunity for a qualified Director to walk into a functioning, profitable preschool, with a well established curriculum and a clearly documented annual program.

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