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School sales in Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura county

South Orange County Preschool Available  Current

Located in an excellent area of Orange County, this preschool operation has a total capacity of over 280 students plus a private school affidavit for an additional capacity of 100+. The physical facilities are well maintained and attractive both inside and out. They are extremely well equipped, with high end furnishings and an abundance of educational materials. The Business is being sold due to owner’s decision to retire. They are seeking an individual, or group, who want a large, professional operation with directors and other administrative personnel currently on staff. A buyer with prior experience in preschool / private school is preferred, but the seller will consider candidates with business backgrounds as well. Since the operation is currently not running at full capacity, there is great opportunity for a new owner to increase the enrollment and enhance the already profitable business. The owner is willing to consider selling the two locations together or each one separately. If interested, please call Joanne Weber at 818-760-3644 for financial information and pricing or email

Preschool with great seller financing in San Fernando Valley  Current

Located on a well-traveled street and surrounded by residential properties, this 50 capacity preschool has a large playground area with trees and grass as well as multiple yards with various types of play equipment. Currently the school has a full-time director, as the owner is semi-absentee. A new owner can continue the operation on this basis or have added net income as an owner / director. Currently the school has an enrollment of 38 children, leaving room for growth. The lease has 11 remaining years and monthly rent is reasonable for the size of the building and property. The selling price is $350,000 with a down payment of $120,000. The seller will carry the loan at the very low rate of 3%, for 10 years. To get more information about this Preschool please contact Joanne Weber (Broker) at 818-760-3644.

For Sale: Preschool - Thousand Oaks, Moorpark  SOLD

This facility was built on a commercial lot by the school owner / operators for their own use. It is well laid out, has plenty of natural light, high ceilings, and multiple play areas for various activities. Located in a commercial space, the school is surrounded by sing family homes. Condos, and family apartments. The rooms are spacious and have plenty of room for activities. The preschool has a capacity of 87, including both infants and preschool children. The present enrollment of approximately 45 to 50 children leaves room to increase the profitability of the business. A full-time director is on staff, making this a great opportunity for an absentee owner or an owner / director. The location is within easy driving distance from either Ventura County, Simi Valley, or the North San Fernando Valley. The lease is long and the rate is quite good for such a large, high capacity facility in a rapidly growing area. The price is $900,000 with a down payment of $250,000 down. The present owner, who is selling due to other business responsibilities, will carry the loan at 6% for 12 years. To get more information about this Preschool business for sale in Thousand Oaks, Moorpark please phone Joanne Weber (Broker) at 818-760-3684 - if you get voicemail please leave a detailed message - make sure you mention you saw this posting/ad #243714 on In addition to phoning Joanne Weber, make sure you email Joanne Weber above to get more info about this Preschool, to ask any questions or request an appointment to see this business for sale, franchise, or opportunity. Thank you.

Preschool - In Highly Desirable Area  SOLD

This well located school, with a capacity of 44, is in a rapidly growing, desirable area, near to both residential and upscale commercial properties. It has a home-like appearance, with a grass yard as well as a separate playground. The school has been in existence for over 30 years. The current owner is selling the school in order to retire. The lease is long term and the rent is competitive for the area. The price is $425,000 with a down payment of $150,000, and the seller will carry the loan for a qualified buyer, at 5% interest.

Preschool For Sale  SOLD

This 40 capacity preschool sits on an oversized lot, with separate yard areas with trees and shrubs, giving it a very home-like atmosphere. There is a private parking lot, making it convenient for parents to enter. The building lease for $4,000 per month, is quite competitive for a 40 capacity school facility. Currently the school has an enrollment of approximately 30, leaving room for growth and additional profit. The owner is the on-site director, and is selling due to the outside demands of her young children. The selling price is $295,000 with $95,000 down payment. The owner will carry the loan for a qualified purchaser at 6% for 10 years.


Located in a highly traveled area, but conveniently close to several new family housing developments, this preschool is a great opportunity for an owner/operator or an absentee owner. The current owner is absentee, so the facility now has a qualified director on staff. The large lot has multiple play areas, with various surfaces for different activities, and the attached parking lot offers convenience for parents. The preschool has a capacity of 100, with an extra room available to add approximately 16 more children. All the rooms are spacious and well laid out. The current enrollment is approximately 60. This owner purchased the school with an enrollment of approximately 20 children and has built it in about one year to the current numbers. The infant/toddler program is effectively full, set to build the preschool in coming years. The lease is $7,200 per month, an excellent price for a school with this capacity. The price is $600,000 with a $300,000 down payment. The seller will carry the loan at 4.5% for 10 years. In order to allow this buyer to have capital to continue the growth of the school, the seller is willing to delay payment on his loan for up to 1 year.

Profitable Preschool - Ventura County  SOLD

Located in South East Ventura County, just 15 minutes from the 101 freeway, this preschool is near both residential and commercial properties. Situated on an over-sized lot, the school has large, well-equipped playgrounds and good visibility. The building has large classrooms and an attractive entry/office area. This 80+ capacity preschool has a very reasonable rent of only $6000 a month. Current enrollment is approximately 65, which provides a very good profit, but which still leaves room for increased enrollment. The current owner is absentee and the school has a full time director running the daily operations, making this a great opportunity for either an owner operator, an owner of multiple schools, or an absentee owner. The price is $500,000 with a down payment of $140,000. The seller will carry the loan for a qualified buyer.

Profitable Preschool - West San Fernando Valley  SOLD

Located in a highly desirable area of the West San Fernando Valley, this infant/preschool center has a capacity of 80+ students. It is currently very profitable with approximately 75% enrollment and a hired director. The rooms are spacious, with lots of window area for natural light. The play areas, separated for various age groups, are oversized, have multiple surfaces, and are enhanced by trees and shrubs. The lease is long term and at a competitive rate. The preschool is ideal for an owner/operator or an absentee owner. The price is $800,000 with $250,000 down, with the owner financing to a qualified buyer.

School with Property - Absentee Run  SOLD

Established school with real estate in the San Gabriel Valley area. The school is conveniently located close to a number of residential neighborhoods and commercial districts. This institutional quality school with approximately 10,476 square feet of improvements, offers an owner/operator the opportunity to grow the existing enrollment with increasing tuition rates over the long term. The school enjoys a competitive advantage with its unique educational opportunities and has received international attention for its services. This quality real estate asset also provides the owner with the potential for long term appreciation, tax advantages, and the ability to lock in historically low interest rates for maximum leverage/advantage. The school sits on over an acre of land and is accented with beautiful trees and well maintained landscaping, with ample playground area, parking and easy drop off and pick up lanes. The classrooms are spacious and well equipped with comfortable floor plans and walk ways. The school has ease of operation with a director/operator and absentee owners. The purchase price is $5,500,000 for the business and real estate. Today's low interest rate environment affords the buyer an opportunity to leverage the acquisition. The school business can also be purchased alone, with a reasonable lease rate and an option to purchase the property within 3 years. The business is valued at $2,500,000.

Profitable Santa Clarita Valley Preschool  SOLD

Located in the rapidly growing area of Santa Clarita Valley, this profitable preschool has a capacity of 50+ and is effectively fully enrolled. The school has good visibility and is close to both residential and commercial properties. The free-standing building has easy access, its own parking lot, and a well-equipped playground. The classrooms are well laid out and loaded with materials. The development program and multiple extracurricular activities make this school quite impressive to parents, while offering the children a positive learning environment. The lease is good, with a very competitive rate of $4,100 per month and is long term. Currently the school is owner-operated but has several staff members with the potential to assume a Director role. The selling price is $500,000 with $175,000 down. The seller, who is retiring, will carry the loan at 6% for 10 years. This is an excellent opportunity for a qualified Director to walk into a functioning, profitable preschool, with a well established curriculum and a clearly documented annual program.

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