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School sales in Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura county

Profitable Preschool - West San Fernando Valley  SOLD

Located in a highly desirable area of the West San Fernando Valley, this infant/preschool center has a capacity of 80+ students. It is currently very profitable with approximately 75% enrollment and a hired director. The rooms are spacious, with lots of window area for natural light. The play areas, separated for various age groups, are oversized, have multiple surfaces, and are enhanced by trees and shrubs. The lease is long term and at a competitive rate. The preschool is ideal for an owner/operator or an absentee owner. The price is $800,000 with $250,000 down, with the owner financing to a qualified buyer.

Large capacity preschool - SFV  SOLD

Located in the east San Fernando Valley, this preschool, with a capacity of 97, has a large lot, with spacious separate playgrounds for infant/toddler and preschool children. The classrooms have large windows for natural light and views of the outdoors. The facility has great visibility, a private parking lot, and a large yard with multiple trees. Currently operating with about 60 children, an owner has room to increase enrollment and income. With a down payment of $80,000, this is a great opportunity for an experienced director or operator to purchase a large capacity school with a reasonable investment. The full price is $350,000. The seller will finance the remaining loan.

School with Property - Absentee Run  SOLD

Established school with real estate in the San Gabriel Valley area. The school is conveniently located close to a number of residential neighborhoods and commercial districts. This institutional quality school with approximately 10,476 square feet of improvements, offers an owner/operator the opportunity to grow the existing enrollment with increasing tuition rates over the long term. The school enjoys a competitive advantage with its unique educational opportunities and has received international attention for its services. This quality real estate asset also provides the owner with the potential for long term appreciation, tax advantages, and the ability to lock in historically low interest rates for maximum leverage/advantage. The school sits on over an acre of land and is accented with beautiful trees and well maintained landscaping, with ample playground area, parking and easy drop off and pick up lanes. The classrooms are spacious and well equipped with comfortable floor plans and walk ways. The school has ease of operation with a director/operator and absentee owners. The purchase price is $5,500,000 for the business and real estate. Today's low interest rate environment affords the buyer an opportunity to leverage the acquisition. The school business can also be purchased alone, with a reasonable lease rate and an option to purchase the property within 3 years. The business is valued at $2,500,000.

Preschool with Property in Riverside County  SOLD

Located in the San Jacinto Valley area of Riverside County, this preschool is licensed for 50+ children. The school is situated on approximately 1.5 acre of commercial land, on a street with commercial and residential properties, and offers good visibility, an oversized play area, and a large, private parking lot. The school business can be purchased with a long term lease at an extremely low lease rate. The price for the business only is $170,000 with $80,000 down. The owner will carry the loan at 6% interest. An option to purchase the real property is available to the tenant for up to 3 years after leasing. The property can also be purchased now along with the business, for a total price (business and property) of $870,000. This is a good opportunity for an owner/operator or an absentee owner, since the school is currently run by a hired director.

Profitable Santa Clarita Valley Preschool  SOLD

Located in the rapidly growing area of Santa Clarita Valley, this profitable preschool has a capacity of 50+ and is effectively fully enrolled. The school has good visibility and is close to both residential and commercial properties. The free-standing building has easy access, its own parking lot, and a well-equipped playground. The classrooms are well laid out and loaded with materials. The development program and multiple extracurricular activities make this school quite impressive to parents, while offering the children a positive learning environment. The lease is good, with a very competitive rate of $4,100 per month and is long term. Currently the school is owner-operated but has several staff members with the potential to assume a Director role. The selling price is $500,000 with $175,000 down. The seller, who is retiring, will carry the loan at 6% for 10 years. This is an excellent opportunity for a qualified Director to walk into a functioning, profitable preschool, with a well established curriculum and a clearly documented annual program.

Large Preschool with property - Northern San Bernardino area  SOLD

This large preschool business, licensed for over 100 children, is available with the real property. The building is approximately 8500 square feet on a commercially zoned lot of approximately 54,000 square feet. Additionally, there is extra building space available, which can be used as a home, a rental, or for added capacity for the school. The facility has its own parking lot, with separate play areas for various age groups. Current enrollment at the facility is about 85. Adding an infant and toddler program could probably increase the enrollment quickly, since there is generally a large demand for programs of that age group. The facility does have a school age program. The vans used for transportation are included in the selling price. The total price, for both business and real property, is $1,250,000. The down payment which a bank will probably require is about $250,000. After debt payments on the loan, the business generates a very good income. Excellent opportunity for an owner operator or a semi-absentee owner. Seller is willing to carry back a small part of the loan for a well-qualified buyer.

Montessori School near the 210 Corridor  SOLD

Located near the 210 corridor, in the north San Gabriel Valley, this school is in a nice neighborhood with convenient access from major freeways. The facility is a free-standing building, with a spacious playground area and large parking lot. The building is conveniently laid out, with large, open classrooms and a warm, friendly atmosphere. The facility has a capacity for 80 children, including infants, preschool and school age. The rent is extremely good, with a rate of only $3,650 per month. The selling price for the school is $450,000 with a down payment of $150,000. The sellers will carry the loan at 6% for 15 years. The current owner is selling due to health issues. Enrollment has dropped since her absence, but the school is still profitable and there is great potential for added income.

Highly profitable and attractive preschool on the 210 corridor  SOLD

Located in a good area of San Bernardino County, near the 210 corridor, this is a highly desirable location in a rapidly growing neighborhood. The building, which was built as a preschool, has an attractive and spacious layout, and the classrooms are well equipped and nicely decorated. There is a large play area, equipped with an attractive play structure, as well as other activities for the children. This large, profitable facility has a capacity for over 150 children and is currently running between 130 and 140 students. The selling price for the school is $900,000. The down payment is $300,000 and the balance of the loan is carried by the seller, avoiding the need for bank financing. The facility is run by a full time director, making this an excellent opportunity for an owner/ operator or absentee owner.

Charming Hollywood area Preschool  SOLD

Located in the Hollywood area, this school is completely remodeled and beautifully decorated. Conveniently located in a mixed residential and commercial area, the building has a nice layout with spacious rooms that you must see to appreciate. The large playground is nicely designed with plenty of room to play. The classrooms are well-equipped and offer the children many opportunities for developmental learning. The school is licensed for 50 children. The selling price is $250,000. This is a beautiful facility that is ready for a new owner to come in and boost enrollment.

North San Diego County Montessori School  SOLD

Beautiful, well maintained Montessori preschool available in a highly desirable area in North San Diego County. The building is well laid out, with hallway windows for visibility into each room and extensive exterior windows, allowing natural light into the classrooms. The facility is well equipped with Montessori materials, and charmingly decorated. Located in a mixed commercial residential area, the school has easy access and good visibility. The school offers a long term lease at a reasonable rate for a licensed capacity of 100+ children. Presently, the school is underenrolled but has been showing steady growth. Currently, the facility has a hired director running the program, but could benefit greatly from an owner/operator. The price is $735,000 with $335,000 down. This is an excellent opportunity for a person with school background and experience.

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