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School sales in Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura county
  • Where can I buy good equipment, furniture, or supplies at the best prices?
  • How much liability insurance do I need, or where can I get better rates on Workman’s Comp?
  • Do you know a good roofer, or handyman, or cleaning crew, or interior decorator?
  • Who is the best appraiser for a school, or architect, or accountant?
  • Do you know of a computer program that records tuitions and billing?
  • Who installs and offers help with computer problems?

Over our 40 years of dealing exclusively with schools, the staff of The Ryan Craig Company has repeatedly been asked these same, and similar, questions. In order to better serve our clients and help them meet their needs, we have assembled long lists of individuals and companies who provide the services that our clients have been asking for. Although we can not offer any recommendations, we would like to make that list available to you, so you can contact the appropriate people and make your own selections. The list is comprised of companies and individuals who have been referred to us by school owners and operators who found the services worthwhile and helpful. The length of the list prevents us from offering all the names on this site at one time. However, each month we will feature certain categories and provide the names which have been given to us. We would also appreciate hearing from you about your experience with any of these services or with a new name to add to the list.

  • How can I find a really good director?
  • How can I motivate staff effectively, or stop gossip, or find a substitute?
  • How do owners manage multiple sites?
  • What do I tell a parent whose child has been bitten, hit or hurt?
  • What type of advertising really works?

We are also frequently asked questions, like those above, which deal with the operational aspects of the school business. In order to address your queries in those areas, we will periodically be featuring articles which focus on recurring concerns, such as staffing, dealing with parents, curriculum and program, helping special needs children, safety, increasing enrollment, and numerous others. We truly welcome any advice, suggestions, helpful hints, relevant articles, or opinions that you would like to share. Please call us or submit your contribution in writing.

We hope you will find these services useful in your effort to create and maintain a quality school. The Ryan Craig Company believes that sharing information with others in the field is one way to enhance the profession and further our common goal of providing the best educational environment for all children.